Effective B2B lead generation often proves to be a challenging, if not mysterious, task for many marketers in today’s ever-evolving industry. If there were easy answers, the leads would be pouring in for every B2B business and little advice would exist on the topic of lead generation. However, generating high quality leads and converting those leads into customers remains a challenge for over half of all marketers.

The lead generation journey encompasses the marketing process of grabbing your audiences’ attention in order to deliver effective, tailored results. B2B lead generation should be used to generate interest in your company’s particular service or product so that the buying journey leads to a successful sale. Lead generation strategies are more varied today in the B2B industry than ever before.

  • Inbound marketing
  • Outbound marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Webinars

Duct Tape Marketing offers some advice on how proper lead generation-also referred to as lead guiding-should proceed for B2B marketers. Effective lead generation should identify the problem the client is dealing with, offer several different approaches to that problem, present some possible solutions, and explain how your B2B company can provide resources to reach those solutions.

Here are 5 ways to rev up your B2B lead generation:

  1. Know your customers and potential customers: Customers are unique, just as our marketing strategies should be. How can you best have one-on-one conversations in your B2B relationships? Of course, getting to know your audience requires some research and attention to detail, but the effort is well worth the payoff.
  2. Try paid advertising on social media outlets: A study which analyzed clicks, conversions, and impressions in social media ad campaigns showed that marketers who include paid social media ads in advertising saw sales increase by 25%. If you want to rev up your B2B lead generation, invest wisely in the right resources for your marketing goals.
  3. Mobile marketing is a must: M&M research predicts mobile marketing will grow to $15 billion by 2019, a rate of 28%. If you do not have a mobile marketing strategy, now is the time to develop solutions. Effective mobile marketing for B2B companies will build trust and help marketers to develop relationships in this ever-expanding world of instant communication.
  4. Blog with intention: Any blog platform needs to have a focused, audience-centered strategy in order to resonate with readers. What questions are clients and potential buyers asking?
  5. Tell the story: Everyone likes a good story, to be engaged and drawn into someone else’s journey. It is why we love reality television, Ted Talks, and why authors spend time writing memoirs. On the other hand, no one enjoys repetition or long-winded content; it will not inspire and it will not be shared. Stories make us think, spur us on to action, and often change our way of thinking. B2B content marketing is no different.

Advances in technology have changed how the buying process takes place. By the time a potential customer reaches you, he or she has researched and compared available resources for their particular problem. In fact, 50-90% of the buying journey will have been completed by the time prospective buyer gets to you. For this reason, a strong lead generation strategy must be in place before customers make contact with your B2B company.

Relevant content and good timing are essential if you are seeking to rev up your B2B lead generation. Knowing your customers, utilizing social media and mobile marketing, along with intentional blogging, can all lead to an effective story told and more leads for your sales. Put some power behind your lead generation strategy and watch where your company can go in the days ahead.

How has your B2B company found success in the area of lead generation? What content marketing strategies have you found to be especially effective?