B2B Content Development: In-House, Outsource, and A Little Bit of Dr. Seuss

In their 2014 B2B statistics report, the Content Marketing Institute found that among B2B companies, 56 percent created exclusively in-house content. 1 percent used only outsourced content. 43 percent of B2B companies utilized both in-house and outsourced resources for creating content. As B2B companies strive to stay relevant in 2015, quality content is key to

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B2B Content Development: It Can Be Fun!

When you think about B2B content development, and specifically content writing, the term may cause a yawn and encourage you to start daydreaming about more exciting topics, like what’s for lunch. But B2B content writing and development does not have to be boring. Obviously, you want to remain authoritative and share relevant information, but you

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