2X Your Blog Conversions
in 30 Minutes

Free cheat sheet, recommended tools & video that will transform
your content marketing (using the new R.E.S.U.L.T.S. method)

2X Your Blog Conversions
in 30 Minutes

Free cheat sheet, recommended tools & video that will transform
your content marketing (using the new R.E.S.U.L.T.S. method)

5 Ways You Can Personalize Your eCommerce Strategy

Brick and mortar stores have the opportunity to study their customers in person and base their approach on their observations. Things like where in the store they are heading to first, how they are dressed, what they are looking for all factor in. The boom of shopping on the internet prompts an inevitable shift to

2017-10-01T16:51:12+00:000 Comments

3 Tips to Build a More Loyal Customer Base

Whether online or offline, any business will want to ensure that they have a loyal customer base. A great product or service, while important, isn’t enough—customer service and experience plays a big part in making sure they keep coming back. Customers need to be nurtured—especially when you’re running your business online. You need to invest

2016-08-02T12:18:55+00:000 Comments

5 Ways You Can Bounce Proof Your eCommerce Site

On the average, users will stay on a website for about 15 seconds…or less…before they lose interest or encounter something on your page that will prompt them bounce off. This means all that effort you put into attracting potential customers to your website has been for nothing, since none of them even stayed long enough

2016-07-30T13:54:50+00:000 Comments

5 Types of Social Media Platforms You Can Use for eCommerce

The idea that we live in a world where everyone is connected is a popular one. And today, with the advent of social media, the concept has been visualized and concretized. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. show your connection to friends and friends of friends. Every social media platform that you're on helps you

2016-06-27T10:42:34+00:002 Comments

5 Big Ways Psychology Affects Conversions

As ecommerce evolves, as technology to support and complement it gets more advanced, the psychology behind convincing and converting, essentially, stays the same. The key to successfully converting your users is basically anchored on how well you understand customer behavior and their mental process. Making an effort to do so gives you insight into how

2016-06-23T13:01:48+00:000 Comments

8 eCommerce Quotes to Get You Inspired

Take your cue from the superstars of ecommerce. Here’s a collection of much needed advise and inspiration to get your energized about your own business— 1. “Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer.” Jonathan Mildenhall / CMO, Airbnb   2. “Customer service shouldn’t be just a department; it should be the entire company.”

2016-06-21T14:25:26+00:000 Comments

6 Super Simple Ways to STOP People From Abandoning Their Shopping Carts

Think of your ecommerce site... It's filled with a lot of quality items that are showcased conveniently online. You invest a decent amount of energy, effort and money to promote and publicize your site to drive interested shoppers to it. And in between every keyword, meta tag, social media post, back link and painstakingly written

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