What You Should Know About Social Media Copywriting

Have you ever noticed that some commercials compel you to drop what you’re doing and pay attention while others make you want to switch the channel? And why do some social media posts prompt you to stop scrolling and click to find out more—while others you simply ignore?  This is because writing compelling content for

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The Beginner’s Guide to Online Copywriting

Have you noticed how brands and businesses are able to communicate with such wit online? How they create copy that’s crisp and to the point, but still perfectly aligned with brand objectives?  Today, brands create content that captures the attention and engages audiences in the most unique and interesting way—and often, they’re able to do

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5 Simple Steps To Craft the Perfect Lead Nurturing Campaign

Remember this: No matter how loyal a customer is, no matter how many times they’ve previously purchased a product from you, and no matter how many times they’ve been to your website, they will inevitably have gone through bottlenecks before their interest actually became a sale. At any given time, 96% of people in your

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From YouTube to TikTok–Understanding The Modern Video Marketing Strategy

For a long time, video marketing was inaccessible to many content marketers. It was time consuming, complex, and difficult.  It took specialized skills to create effective videos, and the process required a lot of production time and effort. Editing was especially difficult. And while the distribution of content was fairly easy through online means, getting

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Are Your Content Marketing Efforts Delivering the Results You Need?

If you know the value of content marketing, it’s likely you’re already implementing campaigns and strategies to drive the results you need.  But how can you tell if your efforts are paying off? How can you tell if you should continue with a particular campaign, or if a specific activity deserves more focus or additional

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Improve Your SEO Rankings With These Guidelines

We all know that SEO is a long game. Effective execution of any SEO strategy requires thoughtful preparation, dedication to a plan, and of course, patience. This doesn’t mean there aren't some little tweaks and adjustments we can make today for fast results as we patiently wait for our long-term strategies to deliver.  Let’s go

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Keep These Tips in Mind When Creating Visuals for Social Media

If you’re active on social media, then you know just how important visuals are to your overall strategy. On a platform that puts as much value on images and graphics as copywriting and content quality, it follows that the images you use on your posts will ultimately affect engagement.  Take these statistics for example:  Images

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Quick Tools That Will Help Improve Content Writing Productivity

Content writing is one of the most interesting, creatively fulfilling, and satisfying jobs that you could possibly have. Through writing you can learn about new topics and ideas while you explore different perspectives and draw new insight, express your opinion, and exercise your imagination.  But it can also be one of the most frustrating careers

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The Best Guidelines for Writing Evergreen Content

Many of us are used to writing content about trending topics, current events, and recent news—and these are great sources of material. They’re relevant, interesting, and very engaging to your audience. However, there’s also value in writing evergreen content. Since it’s not time sensitive or hinged on current events, it will continue to drive traffic

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Are These Top Content Marketing Tools On Your Radar?

Content marketing has evolved so much through the years that it’s now one of the most complex arms of marketing. Fortunately, technology has kept up! As the industry has changed and grown, so has the technology that can help marketers do their jobs easier, faster, and with more accuracy.  Marketing used to be as simple

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