Content Marketing Tips That Should Guide Your eCommerce Strategy

Before the world realized that the Internet could be used as a tool for advertising, it was all just about content. Traffic to any website was driven by content. This still holds true until today—you just have to contend with a lot of clutter. And this ultimately means that content is even more relevant than […]

5 Ways to Effectively Engage Customers

If you run an e-commerce business then you might have noticed that your audience’s short attention spans have probably incurred a significant amount of business expense for your company. Today, the average internet user is connected to at least one social media network that sends constant updates about friends and family from all over the […]

How To Incorporate an Effective Lead Nurturing Strategy for Your Business

As an e-commerce business, it’s not enough that you’re able to generate leads—you also need a strategy that will nurture them into becoming actual customers. A study conducted by Marketing Sherpa notes that 73% of leads are typically not ready to make a purchase after they initially give you their pertinent details such as email […]

5 of the Best Blog Ideas for your Higher Education Blog

If you’re running a blog for higher education, sometimes, the problem isn’t that you’re not prepared for all the logistical challenges such as scheduling, consistency, and formatting, that you might face. There are instances that the most basic thing you have to worry about is coming up with engaging and relevant content ideas on a […]

Content that Converts: The Crucial Role Content Marketing Plays in Nurturing Leads into Buyers

Lead generation is crucial to any business, but it’s getting harder to convert quality leads into long-term customers. With the increase in email and inbox spam, people are less willing to give out their email address or any other well-guarded contact information. The statistics paint a gloomy scenario. Business research and advisory company SiriusDecisions conducted […]