As more and more website owners and businesses seek out content writers, honing your writing skills becomes even more important. A successful web content writer needs to have certain characteristics and abilities in order to remain  in-demand. A web content writer is responsible for providing short and informative pieces on a given subject, usually contracting to write articles for a client.

Before You Pursue Content Writing

  • Keep a blog, an online presence, or a have consistent writing platform in some capacity.You want to be able to show a potential boss samples of your writing, but if you do not have a portfolio to present, you may not be seen as a credible writer.
  • Understand proper grammar, punctuation, and editing rules. You would be surprised how many times a website contains misspelled words and improper use of punctuation. Do not rely solely on spell check to do the work for you. If your writing skills are rusty, ask someone who has knowledge in that area to come alongside and help you refresh your memory.
  • Good writers are always reading something. Read books, newspapers, and blogs.
  • Apply for content writing positions with a credible source. Look into the background of any company that is willing to hire you, read reviews from others on their experience, and dig deep to make sure the relationship is legit.

While You Are a Content Writer

  • Be creative, but do not copy. Not only is this dishonest (stealing the work of someone else), it will lessen your credibility as a writer.
  • Do your research. Understand who you are writing for and the message they are looking to convey. Even if you are not an authority on the subject you are writing about, you can write as if you have known about the subject your whole life.
  • Remember to provide useful and interesting content. You are tasked with helping to make this business, organization, or company stand out. Your words will help to make the difference in whether or not readers choose to become partners or customers. Don’t be boring.
  • Stick to short paragraphs and short bits of information. Use bullet points to break up facts and bold headlines. Only underline actual links.

Any work you perform as a hired content writer will reflect on the company for which you are writing. When potential customers or clients visit a website, capturing their attention is key. They will stay interested as long as what they are reading is captivating, unique, and relevant. Content writing can be prove to be a flexible and enjoyable profession, either as a supplement to a 9-5 job, or on a full-time basis. As with any career path, you will need to take the initial steps to prepare yourself and stay current and fresh after you land the job.

With thousands of writers ready to jump into the content writing world, what will make you stand out from the crowd?