The Top 10 Conversion Rate Experts You Should Follow On Twitter

By now you know—conversions, and everything related to it, is a big deal. For ecommerce sites, the goal is of course, to raise it. And there’s a lot to read and learn about so that you can do so easily and effectively.

So we thought we’d help you out and narrow down the numerous resources you have available to you today, down to the top 10 experts and their insights into the industry, in 140 characters or less.

Hit that follow button on Twitter now and get their snippets of conversion optimization wisdom.

1. Oli Gardner @oligardner


The co-founder and creative director for Unbounce, Oli Gardner frequently runs down some of the most interesting articles about conversion optimization from fellow experts on his feed.


2. Brian Massey @bmassey

Brian Massey

Brian Massey, a renowned conversion scientist has been published in credible conversion sites such as Clickz, Search Engine Land and Content Marketing Institute. Follow his feed for the latest industry reads on everything from A/B testing to content marketing.


3. Jeffrey Eisenberg @JeffreyGroks

jeffrey-groksThe New York Times bestselling author has authored books that focus conversion optimization such as Call to Action and contributes regularly to big name publications such as Tidbits of his insight into the industry


4. Jeremy Smith @jeremysaid

jeremy-smithWith experience anchored in the corporate industry, Jeremy Smith’s approach to conversion optimization offers a no-nonsense approach based on psychology and data.



5. Michael Aagaard @contentverve

Michael-AagaardMichael Aagaard doesn’t just focus on conversion optimization, he also shares tips on content marketing and copywriting.



6. Dan Siroker @dsiroker

Dan-SirokerDan Siroker is a known name in the online marketing industry having founded Optimizely—one of the most recognized A/B testing tools used today. Check out his recommendation of must-read articles on his feed.


7. Pete Koomen @koomen

Pete-KoomenPete Koomen, co-founder of Optimizely. He serves as the company’s CTO alongside CEO Dan Siroker whose feed focuses on the latest tools and technology that can help with conversion optimization.


8. Joanna Wiebe @copyhackers

Joanna-WiebeJoanna Wiebe of Copyhackers is one of the more notable names in the industry, specifically for conversion-focused copywriting. Check out her feed to get the latest updates on her blog where she shares very informative articles on conversion optimization and links to industry related reads.


9. Lance Jones @userhue

lance-jonesLance Jones is part of the Copyhackers team whose feed keeps you updated on his latest online training sessions and articles.



10. Tim Ash @tim_ash

tim-ashFor a more scientific approach to conversion rate optimization, turn you attention to Tim Ash, whose expertise in computer and cognitive behavior translated into a user-centric approach to understanding online audiences.


For the latest updates on what to read, where to go, and who to follow to achieve your conversion goals, it can’t get any simpler than this.

Do you have any more experts you think should be added to the list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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