Using Webinars to Engage Your B2B Audience

B2B professionals know that the business-to-business marketing landscape is different than the business-to-consumer industry. For B2B marketers, sales cycles are longer, single purchases tote a hefty price tag, and multiple decision makers can make for a more detailed process. Because of these facts, the marketing approach for B2B must look different than tactics used in B2C marketing.

As technology changes, society continues to embrace a mobile lifestyle, and we as humans are tied to our devices, it becomes even more important to engage on multiple levels. One way to encourage audience engagement is through webinars for B2B. Simply put, a webinar for B2B companies is a seminar you conduct via the web (hence the name). Different types of webinars exist to suit different industries, and when used efficiently, B2B webinars can prove to be effective and powerful. Of course, challenges can arise, and marketers must be committed to the time and effort required in order to produce a piece of quality work. But in the end, the work can prove to be worth the cost.

Different Types of B2B Webinars                    

There are a few options for B2B marketers when it comes to webinars, including:

  • Fully automated webinar: As a content marketer, you would record the webinar ahead of time and upload it to a service of your choosing. Then, you can use the service to stream your completed webinar at a designated time.
  • Live streaming webinar: Rather than pre-recording your webinar, you may choose to give your presentation in real time for the audience to view.
  • Webinar events with multiple companies: It may work for you to host a webinar, then invite other companies to take part as well. Fellow businesses with similar services which can benefit your audience and to which they can contribute.
  • Hybrid webinar: Creating a webinar which combines automated features and live streaming will depend on the service you use. There are many options available; the key is finding the webinar service which works for you.

Creating a Quality Webinar to Connect With Your Audience

1) Developing a quality webinar, one in which customers are served and engage, is not an easy task. Your marketing plan should include promotion, dates and deadlines. Set goals and identify your key audience in order to narrow down your topic and refine its points.

2) The more relevant your topic to the audience, the more likely they are to engage and respond. Spark interest on social media well before the planned webinar in order to keep the interest of those who may tune in.

3) Practice, practice, practice is a mantra you have heard all your life. There is no such thing as over preparing for your B2B marketing webinar, not only for the actual presentation, but for the service you will use to air it.

4) Great content is the whole point, isn’t it? If the content is dull and irrelevant, people will not care to listen or will not return to future B2B webinars. Remember, this is not a sales pitch, but rather an opportunity to educate your audience and provide helpful content which is valuable to the solutions they are seeking.

Keep It Relevant, Keep it Useful

A webinar can be a powerful tool in your B2B content marketing arsenal. Remember to set realistic goals in reaching your audience, keep topics relevant, practice your presentation and using the platform you choose, and develop quality content without a sales pitch.

What B2B webinar platforms have you found to be helpful? Do you have any tips for content marketers in the industry who wish to develop webinar as a marketing tactic?


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