11 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Facebook Business Page

Are you stuck on your business’s Facebook Page and you don’t know what to share? Does your page’s posts not get enough likes and shares? If this is a bit of challenge for your business’s social media venture then read on.

You need dynamic and interesting posts on your Timeline that will entice your fans to further your business’s market status. Here we have gathered some examples and techniques from some of the top-tier Fan pages & Facebook marketers. See some of their posting ideas and try to use them for your own business as well.

There’s a reason why more and more companies are making use of Facebook, don’t be left out on all the potential success. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page set up yet, check out this Facebook business page setup guide.

#1. Share Everyday:

The most important thing first: You have to understand that timing and consistency are very important aspects in Social Media. You have to make sure your business page is continually sprouting out new posts and links during ideal peak times every day to make sure that your business is part of the regular social media traffic. Even if you share quality posts, if they’re not seen by your fan base on a consistent basis, it won’t have that much of a positive effect on your Facebook Business Page.

#2. Advertise Your Products:

This is affordable advertising right here! Use your Facebook Business Page as a means to show the world what you can offer. Post pictures and deals regarding your company’s products and services. This is a very effective low-cost advertising technique that you should be practicing. Take this example from the Lacoste Business Page.

Example of advertising products on your Facebook fan page

Example of advertising products on your Facebook fan page

#3. Share Creative Posts About Your Products:

Get creative and try appealing to the artistic palates of your fans by posting fun and interesting pictures that can help your products. Maybe a little photo editing to add some artistic effects on your food items, or a model showcasing a dress that you’re selling. Think outside the box on this one. Check out this example from the Sony Mobile Facebook Page teaching their fans how to make use of two of their products at the same time.

Example of creative posts about your products

Example of creative posts about your products

#4. Plug Content From Your Other Platforms:

You might have posted a video on your company’s YouTube page. Why not share it on Facebook as well? Not only will you have something interesting for your Facebook Business Page to share, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get more people to watch your business’s video. You’re hitting two birds with one stone. You can do the same technique when talking about Tweets and blog posts as well. Don’t limit yourself. Social media integration is all the rage! Check out this example from Rexona Men where they’re advertising a video about their “#DoMore” campaign.

Example of promoting content from other social platforms

Example of promoting content from other social platforms

#5. Start A Discussion:

The best way to engage with your fans is to directly converse with them through social media posts. This is a great way to personify your online business page. It also allows an opportunity for you to interact with your fans and for your fans to interact with each other. Pose an interesting question or a debatable topic, and then just sit back and watch the magic of human interaction take place.

#6. Share Company Milestones:

Did your company win an award? Did you achieve a milestone in company sales? Share these achievements with your fanbase and give them an opportunity to celebrate with you. See this example from the Top Gear Facebook page. You’ll notice they’re also instigating a discussion amongst their fan base. They’re hitting two birds with one stone.

Example of starting a discussion and sharing company milestone

Example of starting a discussion and sharing company milestone

#7. Share Relevant Industry News On Your Feed:

Do you run financial consultancy firm? Share some information regarding the latest news going on at the stock market. Sharing interesting and relevant news from your industry tells your fans and followers that your company is up-to-date with regards to industry trends and current events. It shows that your business is passionate about its industry and that can help establish connections of trust between you and your market.

#8. Start Contests For Your Facebook Fans:

Reward your Facebook fan base by starting contests exclusively for them! It’s a great way to interact and engage with them while letting them know that they are important to you and that you value their participation. Check out this example from the Fender Guitar Facebook page.

Example of contest post for facebook fans

Example of contest post for Facebook fans

#9. Reply to Fan Comments:

As much as possible, try to show your gratitude by replying to fan posts and comments on your timeline. Whether it be a quick “thank you”, or an answer to a question that they’ve posed, it’s always best to acknowledge your followers the best way that you can.

#10. Update Your Fans About Upcoming Events And Promos:

Is your company sponsoring a concert or a party any time soon? Is there a big holiday sale coming up? Keep your fans excited and ask them to participate in these events! This gives your fans the notion that your company is always keeping itself busy by continually trying to innovate ways to reach out to their audience.

#11. Lastly, Be Visual:

Studies have shown that people will respond more to images, graphics and videos as opposed to text-heavy posts. Avoid pure-text statuses and posts and try going for pictures, videos, graphs, and polls to share on your timeline. It’s a more visually appealing sight for your fan page.

That’s just about it! Follow these tips and techniques for your Facebook Business Page and you’re sure to see a spike in your posts’ likes, comments and shares.  If you have any comments or additional tips, feel free to jot them down in the comments section below.


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