17 Things Your Business Should Be Tweeting About

If you manage a business that is always striving for a competitive advantage, it would be safe to say that you would have already been taking advantage of the opportunities that social media presents for your company. Your company’s probably on Twitter already, right? If not yet, check out this twitter profile setup guide to help you get started.

Twitter can be a powerful tool to advance your business’s reach. The question is, what should you be tweeting to make your social media venture a fruitful one? Here, we’ve compiled some Tweeting ideas for you:

#1. Advertise Your Products:

Twitter can serve as a perfect low-cost alternative for you to advertise the products and services of your business! Take advantage of this fact. You can also try tweeting pictures of your products to add some appeal. Take a look at this example from McDonald’s:

McDonald's bigmacnado product tweet

Advertise Your Products Tweet Example

#2. Ask For Customer Feedback :

 This will give your fans and customers the feeling that they are being cared for and that you truly value their opinions on your products and services as a company.

#3. Reply To “Mentions”:

This is the perfect opportunity for you to thank your loyal fans who advertise your company on Twitter for you. In some rare cases, you can even try to win over some “haters” and “bashers” with witty, but tasteful replies to hate tweets. Additional Tip: You can type your company’s name in the search bar, and see the tweets that have been posted about you even if you weren’t necessarily “mentioned” in the tweet.

#4. Give Your Followers Advice On How To Use Your Products:

 Sometimes, giving tips on how to use the products that you sell can often entice customers to realize the usefulness of your product and how much they might need it. Check out this tweet by Samsung giving their followers a tip on how to make use of their smartphone’s camera:

Samsung - Advice on How to Use Your Product Tweet Example

Advice on How to Use Your Product Tweet Example

#5. Make Use Of Hashtags:

Try participating in trending topics or try to get your own topic to trend that you feel can help your business. Getting in the popular loops of the Twitterverse is as easy as adding a hashtag. Although, make sure these tweets are relevant to your business. Otherwise, they would just be pointless.

#6. Tweet Company Announcements:

Do you have a sale coming up? Is your company set to host a big event? Do you have a new product or feature coming out? Supply your followers with this useful information and tweet about it!

MailChimp-Company Announcement Tweet Example

Company Announcement Tweet Example

#7. Motivational Quotes:

This works especially well for organizations that are political, journalistic, advocacy-based and the like. Try tweeting famous and inspiring quotes every now and then that espouse your organizations’ principles and ideas.

#8. Post Job Offerings:

Is your company hiring? Is there a shortage of staff members in your organization? Try tweeting about it. Maybe you might find a valuable employee just waiting for the opportunity.

NASA-Job Opportunity Tweet Example

Job Opportunity Tweet Example

#9. Company Achievements:

Impress your Twitter followers by advertising your company’s awards and feats in the industry. This will help establish a level of trust and credibility for your company and your products. Here’s an example from BMW:

BMW-Company Achievement Tweet Example

Company Achievement Tweet Example

#10. Industry News and Current Events:

Tweeting about the latest happenings and news will show that your company is up-to-date with all the developing trends in your industry and is continually dedicating itself to staying relevant.

#11. Start Promos and Contests:

Try having some fun with your fans and followers by tweeting about contests that they can participate in on Twitter. Perhaps you can try having them tweet a picture of themselves using one of your products or maybe you can have them caption a photo of one of your merchandise. This will help establish a personal connection between you and your fans. If you play your cards right, a lot of people might end up participating and end up advertising your products for you.

#12. Tweet With Other Companies:

Entertain your fans by engaging with other Twitter companies that they might follow. Peek at this Twitter conversation between Old Spice and Taco Bell:

Taco Bell and Old Spice-Tweet with Other Company Example

Tweet with Other Company Example

#13. Advertise Your Other Social Media Platforms:

Tweet the links to your Facebook, YouTube and Google + accounts or whatever other social media platform you have!

#14. Do Tweet Greets:

Greet your followers a “Good Morning” or a “Happy Holidays” and then casually slip-in an advertisement for your products. Frame your Tweet similarly to what Denny’s did with this:

Dennys-Tweet Greets Example

Tweet Greets Example

#15. Make A Joke:

The whole point of the social media experience is that it should be fun. Try tweeting a few jokes or puns once in a while to show that your business has character and personality. It would help if these jokes were somehow related to your products.

#16. Factoids And Tidbits:

 Tweet seemingly useless, but interesting information that relates to your products and organization like company history, milestones, partnerships, etc. This can help your fan base know and discover more about your company.

#17. RETWEET Fan Tweets:

 Remember, not everything has to come from you. If your fan mentions you in a Tweet while commending your products/services, use this to your advantage and Retweet it! It’s real, unbiased and impartial advertising done by the people you’re selling to.

There you have it! If you make use of our ideas and start tweeting like this, you’re bound to see a spike in your Twitter account’s followers, mentions and retweets. Have any ideas that you feel we missed out on? Feel free to post on the comments section below.

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