How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Sites?

To maximize brand reach, you have to be on social media—but you have to be strategic about it. You can’t just be on any platform; you have to choose the ones that best represent your business, what your brand is, who you want to reach, and what message you’re trying to deliver.   For example, Facebook

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Are You Aware of These Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

As of this year, there are 4.62 billion people worldwide who now use social media. You’re likely one of them, and probably also using it for personal reasons.  To that end, when it comes to using social media for business, you might make the common mistake of thinking you know exactly how to go about

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5 Types of Content That Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Arsenal

When it comes to content marketing, it’s so easy to settle into simple formats that you are familiar with and easy to make. Blogs, for example, are a standard in any content marketing strategy. However, focusing solely on just blog posts means you’re missing out on other content marketing types that could engage your audience

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Transparency in B2B Social Media Marketing: New FTC Endorsement Guides

It isn’t news that B2B marketing can benefit greatly from a strong social media presence. Aside from connecting with customers and engaging with potential buyers, a social platform opens up new doors for opportunity and authority in the B2B industry. No matter if it is in the form of a blog post, Twitter post, or

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How to Connect With Your B2B Customers Through Social Media

Back in 2013, Forbes called on B2B marketers to “get real about social media” and engaging customers through those channels. 2 years later, the presence of social media has expanded even farther, with new opportunities always arising that allow content marketers to connect with users on a different level. Although the B2B industry is marked

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Pinterest for B2B: Not Your Grandma’s Bulletin Board

About 5 years ago, Ben left his dream of becoming a doctor to pursue other interests during the recession. Having grown up in Iowa, with both parents being doctors as well as both of his sisters, Ben just always thought being a doctor was going to be his life’s path, too. After landing a job

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