9 Examples That Demonstrate The Power of Repurposing Content

Do you notice a lot of stagnant views on your content when you’re reviewing your site’s metrics?   These dips and plateaus in traffic are normal, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it. Sometimes all you really need is a way to refresh your content—and that’s where repurposing content comes in. By

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The Evolution of Content Marketing

In the strictest sense, content marketing isn’t new.  As early as 1895, John Deere started producing a magazine for farmers. In 1902, famed brand Jell-O started publishing recipe booklets that showed how you could use the product in new and creative ways.  While these ventures were never referred to as content marketing, the spirit of

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5 Types of Content That Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Arsenal

When it comes to content marketing, it’s so easy to settle into simple formats that you are familiar with and easy to make. Blogs, for example, are a standard in any content marketing strategy. However, focusing solely on just blog posts means you’re missing out on other content marketing types that could engage your audience

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Top 6 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We’re all about creating content and every blog in this niche is about sharing tips and tricks to make the content you produce successful.  What doesn’t get enough attention, though, are the common content marketing mistakes that marketers make as they implement their strategies. As much as you’d like to focus on the great ways

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7 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

It takes a lot to create high-quality content. It’s even likely that you’ve already implemented some strategies. To ensure consistency in your output, however, it’s good to look at easy and actionable ways you can improve your overall content strategy approach.  Here’s how you can take your content to the next level:  1. Remember to

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Building Your Blog Stash: 51 Posts You Should Write for Content Marketing Success

To blog or not to blog? That is NOT the question. It really isn’t. There’s no argument against blogging as a marketing tool for businesses, no matter what industry you’re in, regardless of what products or services you’re selling. A lot of the buzz has been about the benefits of blogging for businesses, including: 47%

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How To Promote Your Blog : 50 Free Ways To Increase Traffic

When there is traffic, there is opportunity. An opportunity to engage and gain the trust of your prospects. An opportunity to get leads. An opportunity to convert them into actual paying customers. An opportunity to get referrals. However, when there is traffic, more often than not, there is also money involved. It was DigitalMarketer.com’s Ryan

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5 Steps to Building a Killer Content Machine

The content creation conundrum has two versions that have the same outcome. One version involves marketers with extremely lean teams. They don’t have enough resources and as a result, they’re not churning out the volume of content they want. The second version involves businesses that have considerable number of staff. Some may even have a

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Picture Perfect: How to Use Visuals to Drive More Traffic

Pinterest rising as a major source of customers for e-commerce brands. Instagram skyrocketing as one of the most popular social platforms with one billion active users. These are just a couple of examples of how effective visual content is being used to capture people’s attention. Yes, content is king, but visual content reigns supreme. If

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The Secrets Behind Writing Effective Content that Converts

Is there a science behind effective content? This is a question that has probably plagued a lot of content producers--especially when they’re faced with the challenge of churning out regular material for blogs. So we thought this would be a great opportunity to turn to the science behind writing content that actually converts. When it

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