Could Your Recruiting Process Be Turning Off Top Candidates?

When companies and managers seek to formulate and design their recruitment and talent acquisition strategies, the overbearing work load seems to leave them feeling stressed. Although, what companies have to realize is that the stresses they experience in hiring and recruitment are nothing compared to the stresses that accompany the potential job seekers. Whether they’re fresh-grads or professionals looking for a shift in their career path, the job seeking experience always takes a heavy mental toll on them.

Use this information to your company’s advantage, when designing a recruitment scheme. You will want to provide a comforting and nurturing environment right from the start if you want to further your chances in acquiring the freshest and brightest minds in the competitive corporate world. In this article you will find out the top recruitment mistakes that you could possibly be making which are turning off your prospective candidates.

#1. Your Job Descriptions Are Too Vague

This is a big recruitment “No-no!”. When you’re looking to hire good talent, you will want to make sure that your job postings are clear and can be well-understood. Avoid corporate jargon that only people in your immediate community can understand. Try to think externally and always be clear and concise when writing out your job descriptions.

Use simple language and accurate descriptions. In the long run, if you don’t write your job descriptions well, it’s your own company that suffers. Save yourselves and prospective candidates the time and hassle of having to search the terms on google when leafing through your job postings.

#2. You Have Seemingly Unnecessary And Endless Processes

Many times, your prospective recruits will most likely be turned off by having to fulfil too many requirements for an opportunity to work at your company. Sometimes, it’s not just worth the hassle. Processes like drug tests, personality tests, medical examinations, and the like are long and tedious processes. Although, in most cases, these are vital aspects in the recruitment process.

When you have these kinds of policies in your company’s hiring scheme, then it would best that you accurately educate and inform your prospective candidates on the necessities of satisfying these requirements. That should help appease them of any apprehensions in fulfilling these hassle tasks.

#3. You’re Being Unreasonable With Your Requirements

You always have to try to be flexible with the demands of your recruitment processes. Try to schedule interviews and exams at appropriate times for your applicants. Provide a sufficient and ample time for your candidates to produce certain documents and requirements. If you’re not being understanding towards your potential recruits, don’t expect them to be understanding towards you.

#4. You’re Not Being Transparent

In the talent acquisition process, the applicant will always be the one who is put in a vulnerable position. Most companies use this to their advantage and try to milk out as much information from their applicants as they can. The applicant is forced to shell out information regarding his previous salaries, educational attainment, personal experiences, and the like. When an applicant is placed in a position as vulnerable as this wherein he has to be totally transparent, he will find comfort when the company is being transparent as well.

During interviews or job postings, don’t be afraid to divulge information regarding company processes, job details and descriptions, company policies, and company history. This establish a personal level of connection between the company and its applicants.

#5. You’re Not Accessible

There is nothing worse than a company that you can’t get a hold of. It is so frustrating on the part of the applicant when the companies they apply for have no accessible lines of communication. You should always make sure that you have your recruitment staff replying to applicant’s email, and answering genuine candidate queries/questions throughout the recruitment process. Don’t keep your applicants in the woods. If you feel like they’re not a good fit for your company, at least have the decency to let them know. It’s proper business ethics.

#6. You’re Making Promises You Can’t Keep

Don’t tell candidates that they have “a good chance of getting hired” even though they don’t. Don’t promise them a “high-salary” even though it’s not. Don’t tell candidates that you’ll call them back at this specific time or date even though you won’t. Always be straight and upfront with all the information that you provide your applicant. As the cliché goes, honesty is the best policy… especially in recruitment.

#7. You’re Not Being Constructive

After all the job applications have been submitted, and all the interviews have been completed, it’s always best for your company to give pre-emptive feedback to prospective candidates. Compliment them on their strengths and assets that they displayed throughout the hiring process, and also explain to them their weaknesses and potential points for improvement. This goes a long way in helping your potential recruits develop as professionals.

#8. You Don’t Ask For Feedback

Lastly, always ask for feedback in your hiring process. An external perspective never hurts. It’s always good to hear from someone who isn’t from your company, but has had the opportunity to experience the hiring process first hand. This also shows that your company is open-minded and is flexible enough to want to improve.

When designing you’re hiring scheme, always try to keep these points in mind. Surely, this will help your company acquire the best talent for you moving forward. What do you think of this post? Let us know in the comments below.

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