B2B Marketing and Millennials: Get Real, Tell the Story

Thrifty shoppers. Hipster lingo. Socially conscious. Tech-savvy and always plugged in. if you have not guessed it by now, these are all words that have been used to describe the millennial generation, those youngsters born after 1980 and the force driving a new type of marketing. The approach millennials take to buying products as consumers

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Social Media Examiner’s Annual Report: Facebook and LinkedIn Showdown

The 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is out, compiled by Social Media Examiner for B2B and B2C professionals. Businesses with 2-100+ employees were represented, and just under half of survey participants were in the B2B business. The 7th annual study compiles the insight of over 3,500 B2C and B2B marketers on social media’s impact

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If I Could Turn Back Time: Nostalgia in Marketing for B2B

Anyone who engages on social media channels has likely seen the #TBT. Call it what you will-throw back Thursday, turn back time-we love sharing glimpses into the “good old days” through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  There is a reason we love comparing the years past with where we are today, and as the Beatles crooned

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Writing for the Web: What B2B Marketers Should Know

Advanced technology and the rise in popularity of social media has opened the door for B2B writers like never before. We are provided with what seems like limitless amounts of opportunity for research, information sharing, and content distribution when writing for the web. This has provided B2B marketers with a virtual megaphone to reach thousands

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4 Apps to Boost Your B2B Marketing Productivity And Make Your Life Easier

You know how busy the B2B marketing world can be. Between meetings, presentations, employee management, and client interactions, your work days are full. So how do you keep up with all of the tasks that demand your attention? As demands change and your business world progresses, so to do the ways we stay in touch

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