Transparency in B2B Social Media Marketing: New FTC Endorsement Guides

It isn’t news that B2B marketing can benefit greatly from a strong social media presence. Aside from connecting with customers and engaging with potential buyers, a social platform opens up new doors for opportunity and authority in the B2B industry. No matter if it is in the form of a blog post, Twitter post, or

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Real World B2B Marketing: Not an Episode of Mad Men

Any content marketer who has been in the B2B industry for any length of time understands how rapidly the industry can change. As customer needs, technology, and business practices evolve over time, so too does the need for company professionals to remain aware of the changes in B2B marketing. The B2B market is not like

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B2B Marketing and SEO: Do You Get It?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is not a new concept. The process of using keywords in content creation in order to maximize search results has been around in the marketing world for a while now. However, as technology changes, so too does the way B2B marketing for SEO is used in the industry. With a

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How Storytelling Can Propel Your B2B Marketing

Americans live in a state of what has been described as “information overload”. Two-thirds of us own a smartphone and 29% of us claim it’s the first and last thing we look at on a typical day. In fact, adults across than 11 hours a day listening to the radio, using a phone, and watching

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Top Trends in B2B Marketing: Micro-Targeting

It’s been defined as “getting to know your audience”, “better understanding your target”, among other things. No matter what you call it, micro-targeting as a growing trend has been generating attention lately in B2B marketing circles. Broadly defined, micro-targeting basically means getting rid of your “one-to-many playbook” in order to customize and personalize marketing strategies

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