Picture Perfect: How to Use Visuals to Drive More Traffic

Pinterest rising as a major source of customers for e-commerce brands. Instagram skyrocketing as one of the most popular social platforms with one billion active users. These are just a couple of examples of how effective visual content is being used to capture people’s attention. Yes, content is king, but visual content reigns supreme. If

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B2B Marketing and SEO: Do You Get It?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is not a new concept. The process of using keywords in content creation in order to maximize search results has been around in the marketing world for a while now. However, as technology changes, so too does the way B2B marketing for SEO is used in the industry. With a

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Sweeten the Cake: SEO Content on Your Site

It is possible to have a polished, perfect website with poor content. Maybe you have come across one-or maybe not, since a lack of good content is not likely to show up in a search. If building traffic on your site is important to you, you will care about SEO (search engine optimization). Victoria Edwards

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