The Changing Landscape of B2B Marketing: 3 Ways to Keep Up

It often seems that technology and innovation move faster than an industry is able to keep up. B2B companies are continually forced to reevaluate strategy in order to stay current and remain relevant with customers who are more and more conducting their own research in order to make more informed decisions. In order to remain

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Transparency in B2B Social Media Marketing: New FTC Endorsement Guides

It isn’t news that B2B marketing can benefit greatly from a strong social media presence. Aside from connecting with customers and engaging with potential buyers, a social platform opens up new doors for opportunity and authority in the B2B industry. No matter if it is in the form of a blog post, Twitter post, or

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Social Media Examiner’s Annual Report: Facebook and LinkedIn Showdown

The 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is out, compiled by Social Media Examiner for B2B and B2C professionals. Businesses with 2-100+ employees were represented, and just under half of survey participants were in the B2B business. The 7th annual study compiles the insight of over 3,500 B2C and B2B marketers on social media’s impact

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