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Prafull is the Founder of LeadsPanda and author of the One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint. He shares tips to 2x your content marketing results on LeadsPanda blog.

Can Colors Help You Improve Sales On Your Site?

85% of shoppers say that their purchasing decisions are very much affected by the color of a product. Colors can change moods and trigger certain emotions. This means that a site’s design elements, including color choices, can elicit specific reactions from your visitors and ultimately, increase conversions. If all this seems a little too good

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5 Ways to Get to Know Your Audience For Better Engagement

Time and again, we talk about how e-commerce marketers should really focus on getting to know their audience to ensure that they are able to deliver relevant content. But how can a business get to know their audience exactly? How can they learn about the demographic that responds best to what they have to offer

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