4 Tips for Creating B2B Content When You Hit Writers Block

The challenge for many B2B content writers is producing a regular stream of quality content when you just do not know what to say. When it comes to marketing tactics, there is only a short window of time in which you are able to grab the attention of your audience and keep readers engaged. If

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If I Could Turn Back Time: Nostalgia in Marketing for B2B

Anyone who engages on social media channels has likely seen the #TBT. Call it what you will-throw back Thursday, turn back time-we love sharing glimpses into the “good old days” through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  There is a reason we love comparing the years past with where we are today, and as the Beatles crooned

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In the Market for a B2B Marketing Strategy? Here Is What You Need to Know

Theodore Levitt was a lecturer in business administration at Harvard Business School when he asked, “What business are you really in?” using railroad executives as an example. He went on to assert that the reason there was little growth in business was not due to a saturated market, but due to a failure on the

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The 3 C’s of Effective Lead Nurturing

In the B2B marketing world, opinions abound on the best way to attract qualified leads in today’s ever-changing market. There are loads of tips and plenty of advice on utilizing social media, crafting attractive email, using more Linkedin connections, and building a top-of-the-line website. Every company’s make-up looks a little bit different, and resources are

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