The State of B2B Marketing 2015: Regalix Report

B2B marketing is its own unique industry, made up of a variety of tactics and strategies which are constantly changing in dominance and popularity. Social media outlets, advanced technology, and a more digitally connected society are all factors which contribute to an ever-changing landscape making up the B2B marketing world. After surveying B2B marketing executives

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5 Tips To Rev Up Your B2B Lead Generation

Effective B2B lead generation often proves to be a challenging, if not mysterious, task for many marketers in today’s ever-evolving industry. If there were easy answers, the leads would be pouring in for every B2B business and little advice would exist on the topic of lead generation. However, generating high quality leads and converting those

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How to Connect With Your B2B Customers Through Social Media

Back in 2013, Forbes called on B2B marketers to “get real about social media” and engaging customers through those channels. 2 years later, the presence of social media has expanded even farther, with new opportunities always arising that allow content marketers to connect with users on a different level. Although the B2B industry is marked

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Top B2B Tourism Industry Trends

The worldwide tourism industry accounted for $7 trillion in revenue in 2013, or 9.5% of the global economy, and was responsible for employing 266 million of the worldwide workforce. As the world continues to rebound from financial setbacks, the B2B tourism industry is becoming witness to changes that have the potential to impact companies in

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B2B e-Commerce Growth Over the Next Five Years

The B2B industry, marked by its exchange of products, sharing of information, and providing of services between businesses, is projected to get bigger. Recent news and research has delivered some promising figures for the B2B e-commerce world, and it brings high profit predictions along with some necessary adjustments for marketers. B2B e-commerce growth is expected

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Professional Whitepapers Still Matter In B2B Marketing

Technology has replaced much of how businesses communicate, track leads, and close sales. Information is instant, accessible, and almost entirely digital. No more cold calling or annoying unsolicited mail; when B2B buyers are gathering information for a product, they should have everything they need with the click of a keyboard (which is a huge relief

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Pinterest for B2B: Not Your Grandma’s Bulletin Board

About 5 years ago, Ben left his dream of becoming a doctor to pursue other interests during the recession. Having grown up in Iowa, with both parents being doctors as well as both of his sisters, Ben just always thought being a doctor was going to be his life’s path, too. After landing a job

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