The Changing Landscape of B2B Marketing: 3 Ways to Keep Up

It often seems that technology and innovation move faster than an industry is able to keep up. B2B companies are continually forced to reevaluate strategy in order to stay current and remain relevant with customers who are more and more conducting their own research in order to make more informed decisions. In order to remain

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Using Webinars to Engage Your B2B Audience

B2B professionals know that the business-to-business marketing landscape is different than the business-to-consumer industry. For B2B marketers, sales cycles are longer, single purchases tote a hefty price tag, and multiple decision makers can make for a more detailed process. Because of these facts, the marketing approach for B2B must look different than tactics used in

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Ideas for Creating Good Quality Infographics for B2B Marketing

Content marketing for B2B has a life of its own. The combination of whitepapers, e-newsletters, podcasts, videos, and social media brings with it a variety of mediums in which customers can be reached. Marketers have an abundance of resources at their disposal, and even more so in an age of advanced technology and communication. The

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Why Personalization Matters in Content Marketing

Our world likes to get personal. Whether that occurs on social media, on reality television, or in the latest tabloid magazine, someone always seems to be spilling all their secrets somewhere. When an individual chooses to be personal, he or she allows others a glimpse into their story. In the B2B industry, getting personal means

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5 B2B Marketing Blogs You Should Read

In today’s technologically advanced and social media-driven world, there is certainly no shortage of B2B industry blogs. When written professionally, these short spurts of information aimed at industry professionals can contain a wealth of information which marketers can use in their own quest for engaging content. A recent Bing search of “best B2B blogs” came

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Writing Great Content for the Right Audience

Marketers hear a lot in this industry about creating relevant B2B content and connecting with our audience. There are times what that task is easier said than done. Blame writer’s block or lack of inspiration, but the fact remains that if content marketers want to draw in readers and researchers in order to guide them

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How to Create Amazing B2B Email Content

Remember the days of writing a letter, addressing an envelope, affixing a stamp, and sending it off? Although the era of communication via postal mail is not that far behind us, it almost seems archaic now. The evolution of email has changed how we communicate not only personally, but in the business world as well.

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How Not Having a B2B Blog is Like Cake Without Icing

As 2015 continues to march on, B2B companies continue in their search for innovative methods to promote their business through content marketing and connect with potential and current customers. We hear all the time how important content writing is to the process of B2B marketing; advanced technology allows content to continue to be as varied

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B2B Manufacturers and Content Marketing: By the Numbers

The Content Marketing Institute recently released its second annual report on B2B manufacturers and content marketing approaches. After collecting and analyzing data from 217 B2B manufacturing marketers from around the country, CMI found that B2B manufacturing marketers were “all over the map” when it comes to content marketing. Take a look at the following B2B

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Does Your B2B Company Has A Content Marketing Strategy?

Your B2B company needs to be able to understands and grasp the truth that content marketing must be a strategic, focused, and attractive approach with the ultimate goal being to gain an audience. Content has to be original and worthwhile to the customer in order to keep people coming back; potential customers will quickly look

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