5 B2B Marketing Myths Debunked

Each year, as technology changes and we usher in a new season of marketing methods and ideas, it is tempting to leave the old behind in a pile of white paper and obsolete instruction manuals. Embracing change is at times beneficial, but there are also advantages to looking at our current state of B2B companies […]

Does Your B2B Company Has A Content Marketing Strategy?

Your B2B company needs to be able to understands and grasp the truth that content marketing must be a strategic, focused, and attractive approach with the ultimate goal being to gain an audience. Content has to be original and worthwhile to the customer in order to keep people coming back; potential customers will quickly look […]

B2B Content Development: It Can Be Fun!

When you think about B2B content development, and specifically content writing, the term may cause a yawn and encourage you to start daydreaming about more exciting topics, like what’s for lunch. But B2B content writing and development does not have to be boring. Obviously, you want to remain authoritative and share relevant information, but you […]

The 3 C’s of Effective Lead Nurturing

In the B2B marketing world, opinions abound on the best way to attract qualified leads in today’s ever-changing market. There are loads of tips and plenty of advice on utilizing social media, crafting attractive email, using more Linkedin connections, and building a top-of-the-line website. Every company’s make-up looks a little bit different, and resources are […]

Why Your B2B Company Needs Marketing Automation

In a recent survey conducted by Adestra, it was found that a whopping 26% of marketers reported not having ever heard of marketing automation, and just 49% were only partly familiar with this type of marketing technology. In a world of advertising, branding, and sales, marketing automation has been designed to automate marketing for B2B […]